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When we saw the range of difficulties and disabilities, we did wonder what sort of performance we were in for. We also wondered whether it would be difficult for our pupils to see older, struggling versions of themselves.

The result was extraordinary; the students were gripped and inspired by the quality and discipline of the performance, and many gave them a standing ovation!

Special School Headteacher

A high quality, slick and thought provoking production, inclusive and extremely entertaining and enjoyable.

SMT member, Special School

The resp[onse from our studentrs was amazing – all our students were instantly engaged and entertained and most identified with the situations depicted and the actors themselves – no easy task as our students vary significantly in age, need and ability.

Congratulations to all the actors involved.

Special school Deputy

Sara Allkins is a Leeds based performer and has worked at the heart of her community as a drama practitioner for nearly 20 years. Sara’s passionate belief in the arts as a force for change is palpable and I was lucky enough to get to know her a little when she took part in the Transform Season this year. Her experience and knowledge of Leeds and its audiences will be a vital part of our reading team.

Jacqui Honess-Martin ; Associate Literary Director West Yorkshire Playhouse

Our son’s life changed the day he came to East Leeds Youth Theatre, and we put that down to you.

Parent of East Leeds Youth Theatre Member

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